About Us DigiGro Technology: Bangalore’s Leading Strategy-Based Digital Marketing Organisation. Helping Businesses Scale The Digital Landscape.

DigiGro one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, pioneering the digital marketing scene, inclined towards helping entrepreneurs, B2B, B2C organizations, and startups sway the power of digital technology. 

Founded in September 2016 by Dhaneel Shanthpure, alumni from NIT Trichy, co-founded by Rajnish D from NIT Kurukshetra and Kartikey Dixit alumni from Sir M.VIT, Bangalore have helped numerous organizations make their way towards the top of the digital landscape by increasing their market value and by delivering definitive and long-term results. 

The central focus of organizational identity as a digital marketing agency is to roll out comprehensive strategy-based & user-intent marketing techniques, that is to look through the lens of the audiences, which shapes the plan of action and aids the digital inventiveness. 

Speaking about the company, Dhaneel Shanthpure, CEO and founder of DigiGro said; “DigiGro focuses on creativity. The advent of digital technology has opened many a door for people to profit from. Creativity is all about experimentation, taking calculated risks, and having a good time. These elements powered with hard work and discipline creates greatness. We are here to set a benchmark and stand out”.

The digital marketing field is extremely variable, and DigiGro offers holistic and best-in-class digital marketing services spanning web development, SEO, SMM, paid advertisements, brand awareness & reputation and more to help clients propel to the top of the dynamic funnel of digital marketing by designing smart, practical and actionable strategies.

DigiGro analyzes how the audience is searching, i.e user intent, and deploys modern techniques and strategies based on the latest trends so as to maximize brand awareness, build momentum and deliver engaging traffic to your website. 

The main focus is on relationship building and customer portfolio, which is the key to marketing success. 

DigiGro dwells on the latest technologies in the spectrum of digital marketing enabling us to help clients reach their optimum potential as a company by doing this with the aid of latest and cutting edge developments on the horizon.

Having a full integration digital marketing solution service, driven by creativity and passion, offering formidable propositions to businesses.

DigiGro has adapted marketing automation, one of the latest advancements in the field of digital marketing, empowering us with the means to help organizations leapfrog their marketing reach. It helps us perform repetitive tasks faster and mitigate errors.

Another advancement DigiGro is well acquainted with is the use of data science to gain deeper marketing insights and understand customer behavior. 

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